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Individual 2 “ truffle box

$ 4.00 each

Package of 6 truffles

$ 20.00

One Dozen Truffles (2 packages of 6)

$ 40.00

Individual truffles can be placed in a wide range of colored boxes coordinated to your event or coded for a match of flavors to a box color. Bridal and baby shower theme colors are available. Fresh white boxes with color matched ribbons to your palette a slightly higher fee.

Large orders over 4 dozen truffles and wholesale orders are allowed additional discounts depending on the number and frequency of the order.

Shipping and handling fees vary based on destination and weight. Individual quotes given.

GIFT BASKETS Prices start at $65.00. Call for a personalized quote.

Individually packed and designed baskets containing a baker's dozen (13) truffles wrapped in cotton kitchen towels (or your company shirt or silky napkins). Also included can be a tasteful serving plate or 2 wine glasses. Champagne / wine cost is not included. Shipping and handling fee added for baskets posted out of the Bay Area.